Students voice what they would dress up as if they could come to school in costume


Rebekah Helms, Editor in Chief

Many students at our school can agree that dressing for Halloween at school would make the day even more special. So, we decided to find out what students would be if the opportunity was given.

Some students would dress up as mentors or people that they look up to.

“I would be Ferebee because he’s sick and a cool dude. Plus, he got a bald head, senior Bryan Marshall said.

Others would dress up as characters almost every teenager would recognize.

“Dwight from “The Office” because it is from my favorite show,” Noah Cutler said.

Other students would dress up as their idols or characters from shows and movies that they have always looked up to.

“I’d probably be Robin or Steve from “Stranger Things” because that is my favorite show, and an easy costume to do,” freshman Maddie Durgin said.

Some students chose random costumes to draw attention and be funny and make people laugh.

“A banana so that I could do the banana dance,” senior Lamont Williams said.

Many agreed that they would just want to wear something that they could easily put together.

“I would wear a cookie monster onesie because it’s comfortable,” senior Melanie Burke said.

Many friend groups want to dress up in cute costumes together.

“I would be the character Mike from “Monsters Inc.”, but I would make one of my friends be Sully because it just seems like a cute costume,” freshman Nicole Woloszyn said.

Some would dress up as characters that they have similar features to.

“I would probably dress as Superman because he’s cool, and I have the same hair as Superman,” senior Anthony Lamberti said.

Some students don’t like the idea of dressing up at school since it’s a place of work.

“If we got to wear Halloween costumes to school, I would wear clothes,” freshman Andrew Klingel said.

All students have their own reasoning for dressing up a certain way, but many would dress up as something they are passionate about that has meaning to them.

“I would wear a disco 70s outfit,” freshman Ryan Linstruth said. “I love the 70s music.”