Students reflect on past Halloween costumes


Miranda Gonzalez, Audio Editor

With Halloween creeping around the corner, students pondered their past Halloween costumes and recounted the best ones from their youth. Most of us have had a plethora of different costumes.

A variety of inspirations prompted each student’s favorite costumes. For freshman Lydia Keys, childhood films inspired her outfit.

“I was Katniss from The Hunger Games series, and it was cool because I had a bow and everything,” Keys said.

Some students decided to put their own creative spin on their Halloween costumes. Rather than the typical witch or pirate, junior Sophie Close got innovative and chose to dress up as an inanimate object.

“When I was little, I was a bathtub. We blew up balloons around me, and I had a bucket on me,” Close said.

Junior Spencer Cockrell had a similar idea to dress up in a nontraditional costume, and like many siblings, Cockrell’s best costume was part of a pair.

“I wore a saltshaker, and my brother was a pepper shaker,” Cockrell said.

Other costumes were inspired by fall traditions and holidays. A traditional Mexican holiday sparked an idea for senior Katie Dickerson and her friends.

“My best costume was my Day of the Dead inspired costume because of how detailed it was,” Dickerson said. “My friends and I all dressed up with the Day of the Dead theme, and it was by far the best costume I’ve ever had.”