Student Body Vice President Tara Wadford shares her Cougar memories

She mentions Ms. Larsen, Mrs. Page and Mrs. Mote and Wojo among her most significant mentors


Colby Brown, Staff Reporter

Our current Student Body Vice President, senior, Tara Wadford has had many challenges and accomplishments over the past four years of her high school career. With graduation right around the corner, she shared her feelings about graduating high school.

“Graduation brings a whirlwind of emotions for me–nerves about being on my own, sadness in leaving the people and memories I cherish so dearly, and anticipation for what’s to come,” Wadford said.

Wadford had many pleasant memories throughout her high school career.

“My favorite memories definitely include all the football games (especially the state championship games) throughout our legendary football career during my time at Wake Forest High School. I really enjoyed the laughs in my classes and being able to take part in amazing opportunities through different clubs,” Wadford said.

Wadford developed some great friends over the past few years, including teachers.

“I will definitely miss the people the most. Through the experiences I have had over the last four years, I have met some of the best teachers and students who I am grateful to have been able to call friends,” Wadford said.

Many of Wadford’s teachers have made a difference in her life, being great and supportive role models and allowing her to grow and develop.

“All of my teachers have had such an impact on my life, but I can say that I will miss Ms. Larsen, Ms. Page, Mrs. Mote and Mrs. Wojo the most. I have known Ms. Larsen since freshman year. Both as my teacher and my SGA adviser, Ms. Larsen has taken every opportunity to support me and encourage me to bigger and better things. I have never before met a teacher who cares so deeply for her students individually,” Wadford said. “Ms. Page showed me what true passion looks like in what you do. She inspired me to pursue the idea of working in the medical field. Her expertise and care in everything she does continually amazes me. Mrs. Mote has been beyond amazing in her willingness to step up and do what no one else was willing to. Her bravery and persistence has been an example I am most grateful to have witnessed. Mrs. Wojo taught me that school isn’t all serious, and I have had some of my best laughs in her class. She has taught me to strive for my best and have fun along the way and her bubbly personality and personal intentionality with every students has made me appreciate the teaching profession greatly.”

Wadford is looking to the future, with many new opportunities on the horizon.

“I have decided to go to Liberty University because their degree program will help me develop my skills in nursing as well as my spiritual life as I desire to do mission work, which I was not able to find elsewhere. It is also a beautiful campus with amazing student life,” Wadford said.

University is just the start of Wadford’s plans for the future.

“I will be majoring in Nursing with a concentration in Global Studies alongside a minor in Spanish. After working for two more years, I will go back to an NC university to attain my Masters in order to become a Physician’s Assistant. I plan to use my medical and language skills to work both locally and globally, going on mission trips to Hispanic countries as often as I am able,” Wadford said.

There are many accomplishments that Wadford has taken pride in during her high school career.

“Planning and carrying out Fields of Faith this year had been a desire of mine ever since freshman year. We had over 500 people attend and three people were saved. I was also able to serve as the 2019 Northeastern Regional Youth Leadership Conference Student Chair where we had over 200 students attend. Being elected as Student Body Vice President and NHS President as well as being on Homecoming court three out of my four years at Wake Forest,” Wadford said.

Many underclassmen are nervous and confused when they first begin high school, but Wadford has some advice to share for them.

“Challenge yourself–take the AP class, get out of your comfort zone, try out for the team. As much as you may think high school is everything, you really have nothing to lose,” Wadford said. “Enjoy the people around you while you can. You have to come to school, you might as well try and enjoy it. You see them every day now, but after high school, chances are you’ll never see them again.”

Wadford has left a tremendous impression on this high school, and she believes that she has hopefully made the school better through her actions.

Wadford said, “I believe that Wake Forest was changed for the better because of what I have done over the last four years. Having been able to have a leadership role in several impactful organizations has given me amazing opportunities to influence those around me to strive for excellence while enjoying their high school years.”