One year later: catching up with aspiring artist

Abigail Roach continues to inspire with her life-like art.

Morgan Johnson, Staff Reporter

We follow up with our talented Cougar artist, senior Abigail Roach, from last spring. She reflects on her recent art achievements, a new challenging piece and her goals moving forward from high school.

Roach is very proud of one of her recent pieces, as she hasn’t done anything like it.

“I did a piece on a surrealist skeleton, and it’s different from anything I’ve done because I usually focus on portrait work, and this was so out of my comfort zone,” Roach said.

She explains the actions she took with taking on this unusual piece.

“I use marker, which is different from what I normally use, which is colored pencil. I started designing the skeleton I wanted,” Roach said. “I chose a color scheme that would be unpredictable. I chose bright colors that would contrast the dark theme of skeletons, and I tried to make it as wacky as possible.”

Although she is experienced, Roach also ran into some challenges with this piece.

“I struggled with which paper I should use. Different papers effect how the utensils show up on them,” Roach said. “I’ve been challenging myself with more original pieces rather than just realistic portraits.”

Roach plans on including her love for art in her future.

“I’m planning on going to college for art. I definitely hope I’m still doing art whether if it’s for a career or hobby,” Roach said.

Roach gives her advice to upcoming artists at our school and how she hopes people look at her art.

Roach said, “I would want to tell the soon to be new artists at our school that practice is everything. Don’t be afraid to branch out. I hope people would take away from my art that beauty is everywhere you look.”