There is no place like home: Ms. Brown

Currently, WF boasts 14 faculty who were former students before returning to begin their professional lives here. One of the newest is Ms. Brown.


Christina Laster, Staff reporter

Former student Nikki Brown returned to begin her role of Animal Science teacher at our school.

Her passion toward the school is the is the reason why she returned and her favorite part of teaching here.

“As dorky of a response as this is…Cougar Pride. Most of my family graduated from this school, when it was Wake Forest, then WFR, then back to Wake Forest. I grew up sitting in Trentini on Friday nights with my Dad. This school really is like no other, and my heart has been here for a long time,” Brown said.

When she attended our school, Brown was heavily involved in FFA. Then, she went on to graduate from NC State last year.

Brown describes her age as a factor while she takes on her new role.

“It is extremely difficult being a young teacher in a public high school. Not being confused as a student is something I strive for everyday,” Brown said.

Brown explains what she wants to contribute to this school.

“Being an Animal Science teacher, I wanted to come back and bring hands-on learning skills into my classroom. I strive to have as much animal contact for these students as I can so they can gain real experience working with animals. CTE is a great opportunity to do so,” Brown said.

These two current teachers had a great impact on Brown as a student.

“Mr. Johnson is the reason I became an ag teacher. I could talk for paragraphs on how he has influenced me, but you would be reading for quite some time. I have looked up to him for 10 years now. And he has been a great teacher, mentor, friend and now co-worker-much to his dismay somedays I believe,” Brown said. “Belcher instilled the love of reading in me. If it was not for his AP English IV class my senior year, I would not enjoy learning nearly as much as I do today. He helped me realize a lot about myself in a short semester.”

One perk for Brown is that she gets to work with these two teachers as well as her other past teachers.

“This has to be one of the best parts of the job. Going from being a student to working alongside teachers that I looked up to in high school has been very beneficial. They have been great mentors in helping me through the transition of student to teacher at the school. It has definitely also taught me teachers are real people too,” Brown said.

When asked about what was most rewarding about being a teacher, Brown had one word.

Brown said, “Students.”