Music continues to earn accolades


Cayden Miller with his chosen instrument, the euphonium.

Ally Beck, Assistant Social Media Manager

Junior Cayden Miller is an aspiring instrumentalist who hopes to take his musical talents to new heights and later pursue a career.
Music touched Miller at a young age.
“It’s always been a big part of my life,” Miller said. “My parents were both in band, and I loved playing music rather than listening to it.”
One piece in specific has intrigued Miller.
“There’s a piece called ‘Carnival of Venice,’ and it’s by Jean-Baptiste Arban. It’s just a really awesome technical piece with a lot of fun parts to it,” Miller said.
Miller spends his time outside of school practicing.
“I do a ton of stuff outside of school with music. I do private lessons and the brass band and the marching band.”
To improve his playing, he approaches his practice in different ways.
“It’s all techniques, not only listening, but playing with them always helps you learn,” Miller said.
Miller has played for many renowned ensembles.
“Last year I made it into the All-State Honors Band, an ensemble with the best people in the country. I’ve also played in various brass bands and really good wind ensembles,” Miller said.
Miller has advice for musicians who are just starting out and want to get better.
“If you want to be really good, dedication is the main thing,” Miller said. “Get private lessons because its way better to have a second ear.”