Senior Ryan Wimmer unites a passion for soccer with a desire to serve as the manager for both teams

Katelyn Combs, Staff Reporter

Even the smallest gestures make a huge impact. By one flag and a whole lot of spirit, Ryan Wimmer motivates the soccer team.

His passion and humble support for the girls’ and boys’ soccer teams has become a key component of both seasons.“What I try to do is the little things and not get noticed, but hearing that people see me and become inspired by what I’m doing is a great feeling,” Wimmer said.

As a participant in the girls’ soccer program, senior Lexi Murray shares the team manager’s contribution for the team.“He always makes sure everything is set up and makes sure everything will go smoothly. He makes it easy on us to focus on the game,” Murray said. “He did the scoreboard, he did the announcing, he helps hand out water, and he collects all the materials that we need. He’s always there for whatever we need in that time during the games.”
Wimmer feels apart of the team’s fortunes.

“Being able to be on the sidelines with the soccer team in particular and learn from what works and what doesn’t work and to make a team successful by being there is amazing,” Wimmer said.

Girls’ coach Jeremiah Mattingly expresses his appreciation for Wimmer’s involvement with the team.

“To me, his contribution means a lot. It’s awesome to have him, and he keeps me straight. After Ryan came in, it really showed how much we need and rely on him. The kids really want to play harder because of what he is doing.”
Wimmer’s help isn’t restricted to the sidelines. He also works to get more spectators to the game and to make the game experience more exciting with his signature flag run whenever the team’s score.

Against Heritage, for soccer, that was the first time we actually had a big-sized student section,” Wimmer said. “In addition to that we actually won, and that’s the first time we’ve ever beaten Heritage.”

Along with soccer, the Cougar Crazy shows his love for other teams.“Going into this year, I plan on attending at least one game in all sports. Last year, I tried to go to basketball and football games some,” Wimmer said.

Boys’ coach Rick Pittarelli acknowledges Wimmer’s commitment with the soccer program.

“Ryan played an important role with both the men’s and women’s soccer program. He was dependable, organized and never once complained. Each season, we all looked forward to seeing him there, taking care of equipment, handing out freshly filled water bottles or asking if there was anything else he could do to assist us,” Pittarelli said.

“If I had to choose some way to define Ryan’s contribution, it would be “He will be difficult to replace.” “I was very blessed to have someone like Ryan, taking the role of manager and making it his own. I will forever be grateful to Ryan and wish him much success in his

This experience left Wimmer a desire to carry on role to cheer on his future school’s teams.
Wimmer said,“In college I hope to do something similar to what I’m doing now like being a team manager for one of the smaller teams. If I was able to do that, it would be an amazing opportunity.”