Students share the gift of tradition


Catherine Vivongsy, Staff Reporter

With the holidays, plenty of families have their own ways of celebrating. Customs that bask in the spirit of the seasons are a must for a lot of students.

Some family traditions are celebrated due to their cultural beliefs.

“We’re Swedish, so we do this giant thing on Christmas Eve where we just have a big table, and we put a bunch of food out on it,” sophomore Megan Moberg said. “It’s kind of like Thanksgiving, but on Christmas.”

Other students have traditions that allow them to gather with their family this holiday season.

“My favorite holiday tradition is going to my grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve and spending time with my cousins,” sophomore Elizabeth Goodwin said. “Because I don’t get to see them a lot throughout the year, and it’s a great time to hang out and catch up with each other.”

Some activities that involve the lve of family can also impact the people around them.

“My favorite holiday tradition is making honey balls with my mom,” sophomore Alexa Mavrakis said. “Every year, we make this special Italian dessert and give some to neighbors and friends.”

The enjoyment of food helps create the joy of the season, which in turn creates remarkable memories.

“My favorite holiday tradition is cookie cow tongue lengua because it’s something we don’t eat year round,” sophomore Christina Rojas’Bolson said. “We only eat it on Christmas, so it’s special to my family.”

Junior Katie Noble enjoys the unconventional things that her family participates in.

“My family has this weird tradition where the day we set up our Christmas tree, we get McDonald’s for dinner and sit on the floor around the tree.”

Sophomore Alex Greaves actively enjoys making traditional Christmas treats, but breaks it down with a fun twist.

“At my Grandma’s house we would build graham cracker houses,” Greaves said. “And then throw metal marbles at them. It was a lot of fun breaking things.”