Meet foreign exchange student Hrafnhildur Grimsdottir


Exchange student, Hrafnhildur Grimsdottir, traveled here from Iceland.

Ally Beck, Staff Reporter

Exchange student Hrafnhildur Grimsdottir is learning to enjoy the American lifestyle while attending our school.

Being from Iceland, Grimsdottir had to adapt to new changes to many new things around her.

“The school, the people, how people dress, the whole system is just different,” Grimsdottir said.

Grimsdottir’s school experience, as well as her schedule, has been especially different.

“We have no days the same. Every Monday is the same but Monday is not the same as Tuesday and Thursday. We have hour long classes, so an hour and a half is too long. It’s also not as strict,” Grimsdottir said.

For Grimsdottir, she had fantasized about what school in the United States would be like.

“I really wanted to go to high school like in the movies,” Grimsdottir said.

The climate that Grimsdottir has been exposed to is extremely different from home.

“It’s much hotter and much more humid,” Grimsdottir said. “In Iceland it is really cold, really very cold,”

Grimsdottir is also very excited for new experiences to come while she is here in America.

Grimsdottir said, “I am really excited about prom. I am also excited to travel and meet new people.”