Opinions differ on latest installment in “Star Wars” series

Opinions differ on latest installment in Star Wars series

Megan Wimmer, Reporter

In December 2017 “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” came out in theaters. Many students saw the movie and had opinions of it.

Senior Hannah Helms complimented the movie, but she thought that the tone didn’t fit the previous films.

“I really enjoyed the movie. The Star Wars movies have big expectations to live up to, and I think this movie did an excellent job in continuing the saga,” Helms said. “I also thought there was a little too much comedy. The movies usually have a more serious tone, and some of the one liners were unnecessary.”

Holly Baker, freshman also perceived that the movie was exciting, and she was surprised at some scenes.

“I loved it. I thought it was amazing. I was surprised by how anti-climatic they have made the deaths,” Baker said.

Another person who was shocked at a scene in the movie was junior Daniel Cseszneki.

“It was great. The final scene with Luke surprised me,” Cseszneki said.

Catherine Vivongsy, freshman liked the movie because of its action.

“I’m not like into the Star Wars franchise, but I thought it was really good and action packed,” Vivongsy said.

On the other hand, freshman Macie Newnam didn’t like the movie, and she felt that the movie wasn’t worth watching.

Newnam said, “It wasn’t my favorite. It surprised me that it’s still going on after all these years. I enjoyed when it was over.”