Fall means fun traditions for students

Taylor Roth, Business Manager

Students around the school express some of their favorite fall activities and traditions that would make fall incomplete without it.

“My family always goes and buys pumpkins together from a little old lady down the street. I really enjoy this because it is a cute little place, and I always try to pick a funny messed up one. We’ve been doing this for eight years,” sophomore Kathleen Cochrane said.

Other students enjoy the change in wardrobe that cooler weather brings.

“I love going late back-to-school shopping for fall clothes because they’re cute, and I’ve done it with my mom for years. Since I was little, we’ve carved pumpkins as a family or with our church which is fun because we get to display our art,” junior Baylee Brock said.

For junior Christy Avellaneda, she looks forward to the camaraderie of group activities.

“My favorite fall traditions and activities are watching movies and sports with my friends and family. I enjoy these because it’s one of the few times that everyone comes together to have a good time. I’ve had this tradition since 2006, when I first moved to NC,” Avellaneda said.

Some students’ cultural background influence their activities.

“Thanksgiving for Brazilian people, basically a second thanksgiving. I’ve been going this just about my whole life and I most enjoy family and food,” freshman David Beltrao said.

Even with all the outside activities, students still look forward in school festivities, too.

Sophomore Juan Henao said, “In the fall, I enjoy the high school soccer season because it balances my school life. It gives my brain a break from thinking too much and I get to do what I love.”