Meet James Ingram


Emma Lewis, Staff Reporter

Artist junior James Ingram is starting off on the right foot, excelling in every assignment he has received.

Art teacher Theodore Gasper thinks Ingram is talented and pays a lot of attention to detail is his art.

“James is really into his work, and he goes above and beyond on each assignment,” Gasper said.

Ingram’s preference of realism is vividly portrayed through the unique artwork he has created so far.

“I prefer simplified realistic art just because I feel like it can bring out the beauty in things,” Ingram said.

Gasper has a favorite out of Ingram’s portfolio.

“Probably the non-traditional media portrait of Marilyn Monroe that I have in the display case. I think he worked on the project according to the guidelines, and still kind of excelled and went beyond,” Gasper said.

While every artist has his or her own strengths, Ingram feels his relationship to the viewer is his.

“My strongest points are probably getting messages out, I like making things meaningful,” Ingram said.

Being involved in art has its ups and downs, for student artists and teachers, but a high point of teaching for Gasper is seeing growth in his student.

Gasper said he enjoys, “seeing people grow and as long as they’re willing to put forth the effort. I always say that from the first project to the last they’ll always see improvement.”