Meet Abigail Roach


Sophomore Abigail Roach created this realistic piece with vibrant colors and colored pencils for a class assignment.

Marissa Marchisillo, Staff Reporter

Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s creativity, sophomore Abigail Roach enjoys leaving her mark on the world through art.

With the help of various teachers and artists, Roach has finally discovered a sense of belonging.

“My art teacher has really helped me figure out style tips and different ways to create art. She introduced me to a lot of different concepts like abstract and realism and everything in between that,” Roach said.

Visual Arts teacher Carley Haber has noticed Roach’s talents.

“Abigail is one of those fortunate people who has a natural artistic ability. However, she also has an exceptional ability to be creative and self driven,” Haber said. “It is rare for someone to have a natural ability in combination with a strong, creative work ethic, and that is why Abigail stands out.”

Roach finds a way to reflect different parts of her personality in her work.

“Some of her art is more serious while some are more lighthearted and bright,” Haber said.

One of Roach’s realism pieces is currently displayed in the main hallway.

“Abigail’s strongest piece, in my opinion, is her Candy Still Life. She excels at realism, and her piece has exceptional detail and value,” Haber said.

Roach agrees with her teacher, as she feels her candy piece is one of her best.

“I’m most proud of my candy piece because I love the level of detail I put into it. I like the vibrant colors I worked in, it reflects the playful part of my personality,” Roach said.
Every artist has their struggles.

“I had trouble scaling the objects correctly and making sure it was proportional,” Roach said.

Roach is anticipating that her future work will also be on exhibit for people to view.

“I hope to continue having my stuff displayed in the school, and maybe in the future in different restaurants or museums,” Roach said.

Roach has high hopes for the future.

“I hope to go to college on an art scholarship. I have always had a passion for art and I dream of incorporating it into my future,” Roach said.

Haber speaks on what makes a good student artist in her eyes.

Haber said, “A good art student is one who is open minded. We often stick with techniques that we are familiar or comfortable with instead of trying new ways to be creative. That only allows us to create art similar to what we’ve always done. The best art is open to trying new things and having unique and creative results.”