How an idea sparked a YouTube career

Sophomore Jensen Abhau creates original content on his YouTube channel J-Sided


Sophomore Jensen Abhau, YouTube personality, manages school, a social life and his YouTube career. This picture shows Abhau as his favorite character Detective J-Side.

Edgar Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

There are many recognizable YouTubers like Casey Neistat, David Dobrik, Danny Duncan, PewDiePie, but do you know J-Sided?
The journey started when Jensen Abhau, a sophomore, found an old camera in his house, and an idea sparked in his mind that would lead him to create videos.
“The flip camera in the drawer under the family computer inspired me to create videos,” Abhau said.
When he is not busy with school work, he is working hard on creating videos for YouTube, which can be time consuming.
“On average, I spend around four to five hours on each video and around one hour rendering it,” Abhau said.
Abhau said that he started a YouTube channel because he wanted to have a place to store the movies that he enjoyed to make. But things have changed since Abhau started his YouTube career Jan. 8, 2014.
“I originally wanted to start a film production company with my cousins called “J-Sided Films.” We were going to post trailers and clips for our “feature films.” It later shifted to more comedic videos that each have their own plot, and I renamed it to just “J-Sided,” Abhau said.
Production costs to make a video could be expensive, but Abhau has help from family and friends.
“I pay my sister five bucks to film each video. I have a couple friends from school and around the neighborhood that act in them,” Abhau said.
Over the past years since Abhau started his YouTube channel, he has upgraded his equipment, including laptops and cameras.
Other than mowing lawns and filming for YouTube, Abhau has decided to take on new opportunities to further his filming career.
“This past year I have been filming and editing videos for other people as a side job. I’ve filmed a couple birthday parties and have edited a wedding video. It helps pay for all the breakfast burritos I buy from McDonald’s,” Abhau said.
As a public figure, Abhau has received positive and negative feedback from his fans.
“My parents think there’s something wrong with me,” Abhau said. “My grandmother, on the other hand, is my number one fan. If she knew how to comment on all my videos, she would.”
With many YouTubers reusing material, Abhau has decided to break away from the popular trends and create his own material.
“I’ve learned that you can’t get out there without staying with pop culture and current trends. I’ve always been determined to merge myself with what is popular at that moment in time, but lately I’ve been posting videos that I want to do and not what everyone else is doing,” Abhau said.
Abhau said that one of his favorite videos that he created is “Detective J-Side and the Missing Shirt” because it’s a “funny” story that anyone can watch and understand.
Abhau’s videos are influenced by other YouTubers that he looks up to and aspires to be like.
“I look up to Ryan Higa because he puts effort into every single video he posts. And his editing expertise is amazing, and the comedic timing is perfect in all of his content, which motivates me to apply those skills to my own videos,” Abhau said.
Abhau doesn’t see himself ending his YouTube career in the near future.
“I will continue to do YouTube as long as I can afford to pay my sister to film them,” Abhau said.
He hopes that one day he will be able to work on projects bigger than YouTube that may be watched on the big screen.
“I hope to get into the film industry. I enjoy editing over filming, so I would probably do something in the editing department,” Abhau said.
YouTube has yielded memorable moments for Abhau and has provided him with opportunities that are not given to one every day.
Abhau said, “I made this video called Singletine’s Day 2017. It is a song about love and why it’s stupid and becoming single and how it’s the best decision you’ll ever make. I got the song on iTunes and Spotify, which was pretty surprising because I’m not your average rapper.”