Cougar JROTC dominates dodgeball tournament

Second place overall team Alpha Males lines up at start of round

Austin Lee and Chad Schmidt, Co-Online Editors

February 22, JROTC hosts 18th annual dodgeball tournament for regional high schools. This event is held each year for the fun of the sport. There were two tournaments. The following teams were winners:

Court A:
1st Place- Cleveland Rams
2nd Place- Wake Forest Alpha Males
3rd Place- West Johnston Wildcats 1

Court B:
1st Place- Wake Forest Charlie Company
2nd Place- Wake Forest Delta Company
3rd Place- West Johnston Wildcats 2

Nathan Rosa-Malave going for remaining opponents.
Alpha Male Nathan Rosa-Malave dodges incoming ball.
Cougar Trio of Chad Schmidt (right), Lee Gillcoat (middle), and Nathan Rosa-Malave (left) fight for first place.
Alpha Male Lee Gillcoat (right) faces off with last standing member of Cleveland Rams