Senior Coltan Compton develops Vocal Music passion at Governor’s School


Emma Lewis, Staff Reporter

A rare opportunity was offered to senior Coltan Compton that would transform him not only as a chorus student, but as a person as well.

Compton was given the chance to go to the prestigious N.C. Governor’s School by the chorus teacher, Ramona Jenner.

Compton found the experience enriching.

“I came back having this desire to learn new things and further research some of the concepts I’ve learned about at Governor’s School,” Compton said. “Also kind of find myself and find out who I am and find what role I play in today’s world.”

The process Compton went through to apply for the Governor’s school included multiple steps. In addition to writing two essays and obtaining certain test scores, he had to perform for a judge in February 2016.

“I found out my results a month later in March, and then after that I prepared, they sent me some stuff that I needed to get for the summer session, and then I went in June,” Compton said.

At Governor’s School, the students have an ‘A Day’ and a ‘B Day’ schedule that run in different orders. They take three classes, which are titled ‘Area 1,2, and 3’. Compton was in chorus, philosophy, and ‘Self and Society’ during his time there.

Compton discussed what he took away from one of these engaging courses.

“We were able to come together and talk with each other. By understanding each other we were more able to understand ourselves. It was really cool,” Compton said.

Compton enjoyed the comradery the school fostered.

“I think that just that environment where everybody is there for each other. You have so many friends. It’s really a beautiful thing,” Compton said.

With all of the great things about being there, Compton admitted that there were also some difficulties.

“The fact that it’s five and a half weeks and you’re away from home for that duration, it’s a lot. You get a little homesick,” Compton said. “I think the hardest part is almost like not being there, because as soon as it’s over, you get on this high and then you get home and it’s over and then you’re like ‘Oh my gosh’.”

Jenner happily commented on her nomination of Compton and his difficult process for the Governor’s School.

“He spent five and a half weeks last summer at North Carolina Governor’s School for vocal music, so that was a big deal. I don’t know that we’ve ever had a student from our school for vocal music,” Jenner said.

Compton had a challenging time deciding what he deemed his favorite part about his time away was.

Compton said, “There’s not really one thing that stands out. There was just so much. The community of people, the things I’ve learned, it’s really cool just to see people who are so good at what they do and at the same time know that they have so much room to grow as well.”