Four students audition for NC Honors Chorus

Students reminisce on the highs and lows of auditioning

Emma Lewis, Staff Reporter

Four of our very own talented choral students survived a nerve-wracking audition for the NC Honors Chorus this past September.

Two of these musically-gifted students, junior Maddie Briley and sophomore Savannah Rowlette, spoke about their feelings going into the audition.

“For me personally, I didn’t really have time to be nervous cause right when we got there, they called me in,” Rowlette said.

On the other hand, Briley said she was both excited and a little nervous that day.

“I wasn’t as nervous as I have been for even auditions here at school because I had been preparing for a while,” Briley said.

The girls mentioned their hardships and successes during their performances.

“I think the song went pretty well, but it was a really really hard song, probably the hardest I’ve ever done,” Rowlette said. “The sight reading was atrocious, but that’s okay because it was a good experience.”

Briley also spoke positively on her audition.

“My audition overall, I think, went well, but it could have been better, but I guess you can always say that,” she said. “When you mess up and keep going, then that’s really big for them.”

These two girls were chosen by their chorus teacher, Ramona Jenner, to represent our school for the NC Honors Chorus.

“They kind of have to pass my audition first. And I only had four students that came in to do that this year”, Jenner said.

She reported that her four students were labeled as performing “very well” at the audition, as well as being successful in her eyes.

Jenner said, “Any time you have an audition process, it’s just a small snapshot of who you are. Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it doesn’t go as well as you would like. But either way, it’s a learning experience. I think they all took something from it.”