Seniors give words of wisdom to freshmen


Tyler Murray, News Editor

Senior year is the final lap of the four-year track race. After three years of confusion, stress and drama, the seniors are equipped to advise the incoming class of 2020.

Once problems emerge, quality friends are a necessity.

“Keep your circle of friends tight because you are going to need friends when times get tough, and you need someone to talk to other than your parents,” senior Isaiah Jones said.

The advice longed for by seniors is moral and socially driven, not just based on academics.

“Don’t let other people stop you from being yourself. Don’t let other people’s opinions stop you from what you want to do,” senior Will Davis said. “Pursue what you love.”

Senior Riley Hall continues with the same theme.

“It’s okay not to follow in people’s footsteps if you don’t agree with their decisions. Eventually you are going to be faced with tough choices of your own. Surround yourself with good people,” Hall said.

Others focused their advice on getting ready for college.

“Actually study for the ACT and SAT and take it as many times as you can. Most likely you will eventually get a good score,” senior Harper Eisen said.

High school is much different from middle school. The work load for freshmen is larger and harder. Senior Jake Petrillo reminds freshmen that success is built over time.

“Really learn the material and maintain good grades in your classes. It might not seem like it is worth it at the time, but you will thank yourself for it in the future,” Petrillo said.

Others caution against a poor start.

“Don’t slack. This is probably the most important year for your GPA. You’re setting the foundations for it. It’s easy to let your GPA go down, but it’s twice as hard to increase it,” senior Ashley Downing said.

Academics aren’t the only thing that colleges consider when they decide on acceptances.

Senior Natalie Stiner said, “Join clubs and work on building leadership positions in them. It gets too hard to get involved when you haven’t been there from the beginning, and it’s very important to have them when you are applying to colleges.”