Students remember their favorite toys


Nick Fekaris, Online editor

Go Go Power Rangers!

Power Rangers are a popular toy for children. In fact, some students would classify them as their favorite toy when they were kids.

“They were cool. I aspired to be like them when I was a child,” junior Noah Robertson said.

Toys help to remind us of the good old days. They act as time machines, reminding of us the ones we love and our memories with them.

“Mine was a little black stuffed dog, and it was my favorite because my dad gave it to me, and we were close back then,” junior Aspen Earley said.

For some, toys like Legos are their favorite because of the variety of ways they can be used.

“You can build many things with them and express creativity,” freshman Carson Pittarelli said.

Then there are those who enjoy toys that offer new opportunities.

“I liked my bike because I could ride everywhere I wanted,” senior Jacob Kehler said.

Some may not even be toys at all!

“My phone because it’s all I’ve played on,” freshman Kaitlyn Busbee said.

No matter what they are, toys serve as “imagination machines.” They help all to use their imagination and create anything they so desire.

Sophomore Taylor Nolan said, “I really liked those little lawnmowers with the balls that popped because I liked to pretend that I was mowing the carpet.”