Will teens embrace Jay Z’s latest venture?

The Tidal music streaming service isn’t making as big of a splash as it had hoped.
Tidal is a service that streams lossless, high fidelity sound music. During the transfer from the studio to the mp3 file, there is a lot of richness in the sound that is lost when they condense the file. Tidal attempts to fix this aspect by streaming CD quality music, which eliminates the loss of key sounds.
Tidal was first launched about a month ago in New York. Thousands of people tuned in to a live streaming event where artists released their project to the public.
Tidal also streams standard music for $9.99 per month. That price is the same as other streaming sites such as Spotify, but with Spotify, you can get a free version, but its only downside is that you have ads.
In order to get the CD quality sound, you have to pay $19.99.
This $19.99 is a lot of money for just better quality sound. You don’t get any different music or music videos from the $9.99 plan.
Tidal was created by multiple famous artists like Jay Z, Kanye, Madonna, Daft Punk, Deadmau5 and many others.
“With all these high caliber artists behind this program, you just know it’s going to be great. It is more expensive, but you will get what you pay for in terms of sound quality and richness of the music,” Special Programs teacher Kaitlyn Longo said.
Unlike Spotify, Tidal is owned directly by the artists, so the money goes straight to them without any middleman.
Tidal includes 75,000 HD videos and 25 million tracks with no ads to interrupt you. This is one of the better aspects of this service because it exposes listeners to many different artists and styles of music. But again, the main problem is that it costs a lot of money.
“I would definitely use Tidal if it was cheaper. It’s a great idea, but it would be hard to get high school students to pay $20 per month for music they can listen to for free with Pandora,” junior Cole Abshire said.
That response seems to be a trend amongst several other teenagers. They love the idea of richer music, but can’t afford to pay that much per month.
“It would be awesome to use, but I’m too broke to pay that per month,” freshman Tim Sanner said.
Music is a large part of most high school students’ lives. They listen to it in the halls, in the car, and if it’s a slow day, in class.

Tidal is a perfect way for artists to maximize their profits by appealing to them. However, they got too greedy and priced their product way higher than any high school student or teacher would be interested in.
Tara Wojciechowski said, “Heck no I’m not paying for this! I get it off the radio.”