Two schools may be better than one when it comes to dances

Will Hughey, Business Manager

With the homecoming dance becoming less popular as the years pass, it may be time for a “new and improved” event, and not just for our school.
A dance between our school and another may be just what the students need in order to get back into the groove.
Currently, the only dance opportunities we have are homecoming and prom.
By collaborating on a dance with another school, the opportunity for an off-campus venue and nicer decorations would be far more obtainable than going into it alone.
“I think it would help boost community spirit among the schools,” Wakefield High School principal Tripp Crayton said. “So I’m sure it would be fairly successful.”
Combining two schools won’t only raise attendance, but also profits. If the profits were to be donated to a charity organization, it may boost attendance even more.
“I’m actually getting my classes to come up with a traditional charity event that could be done every year,” Nancy Gomes, student body president of Heritage High School said.
Enloe High School hosts a very successful Charity Ball every year and selects a different organization to donate to each time around.
An event like that could be just as possible for our school. It would not only bring the community together, but also raise awareness and money for a good cause.
“The past several years, we have raised $50,000 or more for the different nonprofit charities. We have extremely high attendance for this event and have sold out the past couple of years,” Enloe High School Principal Scott Lyons said.
Some students already agree that this event could be a big hit if it became a reality. They want to do something exciting and different from the same-old same-old.
“I think since a lot of people went to middle school together, and then dispersed for high school, that a lot of people would want to come and get together,” junior Momina Zahid said. “Donating the profits is a great idea and it would benefit the community, and I’m all about benefitting the community. I feel like that would motivate people to go!”
Not only would this dance boost school spirit, it would just as well allow two schools to put aside their rivalries for one night in attempt to support a greater cause.