Students react to State of the Union

Connor Cochrane, Staff Reporter

President Barack Obama delivered the annual State of the Union address to Congress Jan. 20. Students in various history classes reacted to the president’s speech the first day of second semester as a part of a class project.

“I liked it. I thought the kids were very active participants, got a lot out of it, seemed to be very enthusiastic about the assignment. I liked it,” Benjamin Daniels, American history teacher said.

One of the more humorous tweets came from junior Caleb Adams, when he said, “I didn’t know Obama was black?” When he was asked about this afterwards, he revealed that he did know the president is African-American, and he was dared to tweet that.

Another one of the less serious tweets was from junior Kyle Brewer. He said, “In Wake County if we have enough snow on the ground as Obama has on his head we have a two hour delay. #WFSOT”

Then there were was this reaction to the terrorist threat.

“Bomb them terrorists and take that oil, ‘Merica. WFSOTU” junior Grayson Adkins said.  This was one of the funnier tweets in response to Obama’s comments on terrorism.

But most of the tweets reflected serious thoughts about the speech.

Junior Rachel Bohannon tweeted, “Why are we just now accommodating veterans for their work? This should have never been an issue from the start. #WFSOTU” This was in response to President Obama’s remark on the issue of veterans without jobs.

“It makes me mad that everyone isn’t accommodated for what they do. People take for granted what the military does for us,” Bohannon said.

“Is free community college really free if we will still be the ones paying for it through taxes? #WFSOTU,” senior Colleen Curran tweeted.

Afterward, Curran reflected, “I would rather pay college tuition upfront than paying through taxes.”

Sophomore Ellie Smallwood had another interesting take on the proposed free community college topic.

“If community college is free, where’s the incentive to work hard? #WFSOTU” Smallwood tweeted.

Bohannon had another view on community college.

“Making community college free will not fix all our problems. Everything costs money,” Bohannon said.

Students talked about many of the president’s proposed ideas, but the one that came up the most was free community college.

“I wouldn’t want to give up the college experience to have free community college,” Curran said.

Daniels said, “We have to do more stuff like that to keep kids engaged these days, 21st century learning, with you guys being so actively involved in all sorts of social media and always on your phones anyways, we need to start finding ways to incorporate that into your learning.”