Q & A With Signee Taela Belcher

Softball standout signs to play with Salem University


Q: What is your earliest memory of playing your sport? Please describe the scene in detail.

A: It was at a Roseville softball complex, and it was a little less than a travel ball. I was 9 or 10. My first team was the Braves.

Q: What made you stick with your sport all these years?

A: Well, softball was the third or fourth sport I tried, and my dad played it a little. I guess I just liked it more than the other sports.

Q: Who are some of your athletic heroes, people you look up to in your sport? Why do they stand out?

A: I would say one of my old coaches. He was my second travel coach. He helped me understand the sport. I actually still talk to him today, and he is coming to my signing. I’ve always just gone to him, and he always taught me things.

Q: What factors led you to sign with the college/university that you chose? What made that school stand out?

A: It is the coach at Salem College’s first year, and I knew her when she was at a different college, but she didn’t like that college. She moved, and she always stuck with me and asked me how I was doing. I went there, and it’s a good school overall. So, that school and playing with her is just good.

Q: What course of study or major do you plan to pursue at your college or university?

A: I am going to study Biology, and then I’m gonna study Animal Science.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most while playing a sport while attending college?

A: The opportunities that I will have, since it’s going to be at college. I’m also going to be traveling more and meeting new people.

Q: What are you anxious about as you transition to attend and play in college?

A: The meeting new people part. I’m not a super social person, so I’m going to have to open up more.

Q: What regulations/rules did you encounter regarding recruiting and signing?

A: Well, the fact that you can’t really talk to any colleges until you’re a junior and also going to a bunch of camps.

Q: What is one thing you would change about your recruiting/signing process and why?

A: I don’t really think there is anything.

Q: It is hard for a school to tick all the boxes a student athlete might have. What are some sacrifices you had to make in order to attend your chosen school?

A: Focusing more on what I need personally rather than what anyone else thinks I need. Just having to branch out and explore the stuff I want.

Q: What advice would you give to the next class of student athletes who will go through the process of recruitment?

A: Definitely just to have an open mind. You can’t be closed off with schools because you will go there and just hate it. Just be more positive about it.

Q: What advice would you give to your past self regarding your athletic career?

A: Pretty much to be more open minded. I was that more closed-minded person. I wanted a select few schools and that’s it. Just explore more.

Q: Who are some people you would like to thank for helping you get to where you are today? How did they assist you?

A: Very cliche, but I would say my parents and my past teammates. Specifically, my mom helped me figure out what I wanted. My teammates helped make the game more fun and helped me keep going.

Q: What is your favorite memory as a Cougar athlete?

A: I would probably say the bus rides to games, especially with music in the back of the bus.