Cheer Team Nabs First Place At NCHSAA Invitational

The team competed in the All-Girl, Non-Building division


The varsity cheer team finished in first place Dec. 3 at the NCHSAA Cheer Invitational. The team competed in the All-Girl Non-Building division led by head coach Robin Faulkner. 

Faulkner explains why she believes the team was successful at the competition. 

“Overall, they executed the routine. It was well within their abilities,” Faulkner said. “Tumbling was good, the dance was good, and I just think the thing we always have to work on is our energy level in the cheer.”

Placing at the competition requires long-term preparation. 

Senior Amorie Thomas explains some of the team training leading up to competing to ensure that the competition routine was strong. 

“There were several practices leading up to the competition that were two to three hours, and we ran several full-outs and went through every single cheer and dance to make sure it was great as well as great-looking for the judges,” Thomas said. 

Faulkner explains what she plans for a typical practice. 

“Generally, we have to get the mats out. We do some cardio, like running, we stretch, then we do tumbling. We always start with progressions, like you start with handstands or forward rolls. You start with the progression so that you get warmed up before they do their harder tumbling skills. You don’t wanna start full out. You need to warm your body up,” Faulkner said. 

Senior Talia Manning focused on two aspects of her routine before competing.

“I had to focus on my tumbling, and I was thinking about making sure I am moving at the right time,” Manning said. 

Next competition, the team will learn a brand new routine to compete. The team has set their sights on improving their performance even more. 

Senior Courtney Campbell hopes to see two areas of improvement.

“Practice our energy levels more, and also, I think everyone could put 100 percent effort into every practice,” Campbell said. 

Going into the competition, the team put their hard work in practice on the floor.

 “I felt really good about how we performed. Everything was hitting, and it ended up being a great turn out for us,” Junior Brianna Farrell said. 

Like Farrell, Thomas was pleased with the team’s performance.

“I felt really great. I was so glad when Talia landed her full. I was cheering for my teammates, and I just felt like we all did great, and we worked so hard for this, and that’s why I was so happy that we won,” Thomas said.