Volleyball Finishes Fourth in Conference Play

Team faced 13 top-25 opponents during season


Vianey Hinojo, Co-Sports Editor

The volleyball team wrapped up the 2022 season with an 8-16 overall record and our conference record being 5-7. Their win percentage is 0.33%, and the team finished ranked 4th in the Northern Athletic 4A conference.

Senior Maci Taylor provides some insight into the season.

“I don’t know if we’ve had a high point because we didn’t win against Heritage. We lost against Heritage,” Taylor said. “I guess the only high point I can think of is when we played Millbrook. They’re supposed to be first in the state, and we got to 20-25 compared to them, so we got tight with them. I think that’s about it.”

The rigorous competition definitely has affected the team’s’ record this year, with these Eastern NC top-25 ranked teams in their schedule: Clayton, Cleveland, Sanderson, Green Hope, Leesville Road, Enloe, Broughton, Falls Lake, Rolesville, Millbrook, Knightdale, Wakefield, and Heritage.

“I think towards the beginning of the season I had really high expectations for us, and we’ve kind of been back and forth and wishy-washy because we’ll do really good one game and then we’ll do really bad the next, but over the season we’ve gotten better and better, and it’s starting to click and get there and get there and get there. It’s just taking a while,” Taylor said.

Sophomore Rylee Mannard shines a light on her opinion on the toughest match this season.

“Most definitely Millbrook because they are just better than us, and they got in our heads,” Mannard said.

Despite setbacks, the team has unmatched chemistry; additionally, having beaten five ranked teams has allowed them to keep on pushing through the rest of the season.

“I think honestly just communicating afterward and explaining that we’re not mad at each other, we’re just mad at the game,” Taylor said. “Making sure we have a lot of team bonding going on, saying how much we love each other all the time to make sure that we have the communication and everything, there’s no drama after a game, it’s not anyone’s fault for losing that last point and then just producing during practice the next day.”

Seasons are bound to have losses and disappointments.

“For me personally, and I think even a little bit as a team, losing the way that we did to Heritage was extremely unexpected because we played best three out of five and we lost all three sets. We didn’t get a set, and I just don’t think we expected to walk in and walk out that way,” Taylor said.

What makes this team special is how they overcome their losses.

“We come together as a team and talk about what we did wrong,” Mannard said.

Taylor echoes her teammates view.

“I think the biggest thing for us is that when we’re in a hole we just come up with a way of being smart to get us out of the hole, so instead of trying to swing every time and getting blocked or something, we’ll tip to a smart spot on the court and then we get our momentum from that and then we build from it,” Thomas said.