Football Leaders Reflect On The 2022 Season Thus Far

Four conference games remain to secure the NAC-VI title


Sydney Howard, Co-Editors In Chief

As the football season winds down to the last four regular season games, athletes reflect on their personal performances as well as the team’s overall successes and struggles. 

So far, the team has a 5-1 record with conference foes Wakefield, Heritage, Rolesville and Millbrook still ahead. 

“The talent has definitely gotten better around the area. Since we get to play at home this year, I think it makes the season a little better,” senior Kyle Leary said. 

Bonding is a big aspect of a successful team. And with new players on the team, getting along off the field is just as important as on the field. 

“The guys will go to someone’s house after the game and maybe get in the pool or hot tub,” Tavian Williams said.

After a loss, there are strategies the team utilizes in order to recognize the root of the issue. 

“We look at film and see what we did wrong, ” senior Nigel Lucas said. “And going into the week, we try to correct it.” 

Even with success throughout the season, the team still considers ways they can improve their performances and sets goals in order to move forward. 

“I think we need to keep the leadership, keep the team focused, especially the defense because I think the defense will win us the championship,” senior Dashaun Grant said. 

And as the season progresses and playoffs approach, players are confident that it will only get better from here.

“I think we haven’t hit a high point yet, but as we progress we will,” senior Mikey DiPasquale said.

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