Golfers Tout Teammate Support

Team hopes to qualify three for regional action


Bryan Beck, Co-Sports Editor

As the girls’ golf team goes through the second half of the season, many of the players are on the same page. Since golf is an individual sport, it is easy for players to have their own style, technique and ideas. This team seems to work together while still maintaining their individuality.

Golfer Rachel Manfreda explains how they do this.

“We just refer back to each other and decide what works and what doesn’t,” Manfreda said.

A lot of the players have improved throughout the season so far. It is sophomore Madison Bowden’s first year on the golf team, and that comes with some obstacles.

“I think I had too high expectations for myself,” Bowden said.

The team also seems like an encouraging environment as well. Especially being a first year player, golf can be intimidating and extremely frustrating. Even though it is an individual sport, the players treat each other like a team.

Regional and state qualifier in 2021, junior Skyler Kipp named one teammate whose improvement impressed her.

“Maddie Bowden, she just has improved in general and we keep encouraging her and she’s doing great,” Kipp said.

Another first-year player, senior Kendall Keith benefitted from the support and camaraderie of her veteran teammates as the season wound on.

“I came into the season never playing before, and I came out with good golf skills and new friends,” Keith said.