Cheerleaders Wrap Up Years Inspiring The Cougar Faithful

For the senior team members, it’s time to transition to cheering as fans only


Jordyn Gerdes, Reporter

After many seasons of cheering on the various sports teams, the seniors’ time on the team is coming to an end.  Senior cheerleaders have  encouraged players and fans for years.  Now it is time for them to retire to the stands. 

Our seniors reflect on the past four years, the good and the bad.  

Being on a team can have its struggles. 

“My wish is that we got first place instead of second,”   Mason Blue said, regarding the Wake County Championship results for this season. 

The team dealt with another challenge for both their junior and senior seasons. 

“I think having a year lost to Covid-19 threw us all off, and we could’ve done better,”  Rachel Mullins said. 

Having individual accomplishments can be just as important as team accomplishments.  Blue’s individual accomplishment was making varsity her first year of cheering.  

Some of the best memories are made with your teammates. When the cheerleaders weren’t working hard, they enjoyed time with eachother off the mat.  Blue enjoyed, “getting ready with my friends for games.”

Everyone knows Heritage vs. Wake Forest is the ultimate rivalry.  Emma Jenkins enjoyed, “cheering for all of the Heritage Basketball and Football games for four years.” 

Being a Cougar athlete means different things to everyone. For  Grace Wilkins being a Cougar athlete means being a part of something important and being part of a family.

As they depart, seniors can offer advice to their teammates as they advance on the team. 

Mullins gives one final piece of advice to next season’s cheerleaders.  

“To always listen to Ms. Faulkner and look out for each other because that’s what really matters.”