Fischlein And Mallo Compete At States

The pair represented the Cougars Feb. 11-12 at the Indoor Track state meet

Katie Hottell, News and Lifestyle Editor

Senior track and field athletes Andrew Mallo and Olivia Fischlein proudly announce their state qualifications as they represented the school at this year’s Indoor Track state meet.

Fischlein participated in the 1000m event and placed 13th in the state. On the other hand, Mallo participated in the 500m and 1000m events at the state meet and finished third in the state for the 500m.

Both will be honored at the Winter Sports Banquet with Cougar Medals, the highest honor bestowed by the athletic department. 

Their state qualifications are not the only noteworthy accomplishment this season. Both runners have committed to run for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC).

“It was a long process. It started in June, and then it lasted a little while,” Mallo said. “I got kind of shuffled towards the end when I was trying to skim down to some schools, but I’m really happy with the decision. I really think coach Lynn and UNCC will be a very strong program for the next few years.”

Their time at UNCC will be starkly different from their time running in high school. This is exciting for them, especially Mallo.

“I have one last high school season. Going into college, I’ll be training for the next six months in the gym, reaching out to some Charlotte kids and we’re just gonna try as hard as we can to train for indoor track and then hopefully outdoor.”