Wrestler Tyler Watt Named Regional Champion And State Finalist


Vianey Hinojo, Staff Reporter

Freshman Tyler Watt surprised Wake Forest by winning Regional Champion and being a State finalist. He’s been wrestling for six years, earning these accomplishments, despite his young age.

“I love the fact that, in wrestling, you don’t have to rely on a team, and you do it all alone.”

Along with his favorite parts, Watt struggles with challenges as well.

“I have to deal with getting over the nervous parts about it,” Watt said. “If I lost, I wouldn’t have anyone else to blame it on, it would be all on me.”

With the strict wrestling weight classes, Watt deals with this requirement in a positive way.

“I don’t have to cut that much weight. Maybe four pounds, so I don’t really have to worry about it,” Watt said. “It keeps me in shape and I’ll probably bump up to the next weight class next year.”

Watt was very excited to be a Regional Champion, and he trained heavily during school practices to make it happen. He hopes to see himself at a D1 school for wrestling in the future.