Allen Signs With NC A&T For Football

The senior DE and DT averaged 4.9 tackles per game and 11.5 tackles for loss


Morgan Smith, Staff Reporter

Senior Chris Allen is one of Wake Forest’s star football players who is accomplishing his dream of committing to a university and becoming a sports agent.

Allen plans to go to North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NC A&T) and major in law and sports management to further his dream in becoming a sports agent after graduation. For Allen, being recognized by a university and committing to it is incredibly exciting and yet scary at the same time, which is how Allen felt.

“I felt very shocked. I was happy and anxious when they first offered me a scholarship,” Allen said.

While choosing which college to attend, Allen factored in his family and being close to home. He loved the campus and the environment at NC A&T University, and it has everything he wants.

Being noticed by a recruiter is difficult, and getting an offer from that recruiter is even harder, but Allen believes his talents on the field and his behavior on and off the field is what really stood out and helped him achieve this recognition, even in a pandemic.

“The recruiting process was really hard because athlete college students now get an extra year because of Covid. I can just say I’m blessed that I have an opportunity to play this year,” Allen said.

Allen’s coaches throughout the years have also helped with his journey to success in football.

“I would like to thank them and tell them they helped develop the young man and athlete I am today. I thank them for all the lessons and tactics they have taught me,” Allen said.

Having to apply hard work and persistence throughout an athletic journey to get to where you want to be later in life can be extremely stressful, and there are times where Allen says he lost hope trying to achieve his goals.

“I would think to myself and wonder if college football was really for me. The fact that there were a lot of kids transferring in and out also messed with my hope.”

Although this was hard, Allen applied the work and got to where he wanted to be and is very happy about it.

“I didn’t know how everything would play out, I’m thankful for how it did.”