Senior Soccer Players Reflect On Their Careers


Lauren Keith, Reporter

As this year’s soccer season comes to an end, our senior athletes reflect on some of their favorite memories and achievements made while playing for our school. 

Senior Noah Kump has played on varsity for his junior and senior year. He has witnessed a lot of achievement in these past two successful years for our team. 

“One of my favorite ones [memory] was junior year. We beat Heritage in the second round of playoffs, so that was really nice. I think that was my favorite memory,” Kump said. 

To these players, it takes a lot to be a Cougar athlete. Josh Eatmon has been on varsity since his freshman year, but only two of those years were at Wake Forest.

“Being a Cougar changed how I looked at school spirit and who I was playing for,” Eatmon said.

For many athletes, making varsity was their favorite personal accomplishment.

“I didn’t make the team my freshman year, and this year I started on varsity,” senior Chris Caporaso said. 

Senior Sai Seelam describes his similar experience. 

“I didn’t make the team freshman year, but I came back from that and played on varsity, which was cool,” Seelam said. 

This year, our boys’ varsity soccer team took home 14 wins. A lot of the athletes describe their favorite win being against our rival team. 

“For Wake Forest, my favorite moment was my senior night, scoring the winning goal against Heritage in overtime,” Eatmon said.  

After being a part of the team for many years, seniors reflect on their favorite memories from their time on the field.

“We beat Heritage in the playoffs last year, that was probably the biggest thing for me,” Seelam said.


As seniors, our players have not only been looking back on their proudest accomplishments, but also their regrets. Justin Yu regrets their game against Cardinal Gibbons. Caporaso wishes they didn’t get out of the playoffs as soon as they did. 

As the players finish their final year of their high school athletic career, some have advice for next year’s soccer players.

“I would say that a lot of them need to step up and be leaders, since a lot of the seniors are leaving,” said Caporaso. “And continue to work hard and carry on the traditions and morals and everything that we have on the team now.”

Kump says that his biggest piece of advice is confidence.

“They have all the time they need and all the tools they need to succeed. It should be to be confident in themselves and believe that they can go out there and win.”