Seniors Disappointed With Not Playing In Trentini

Pandemic shortened seasons and renovation lock senior athletes out of the beloved stadium


Sydney Thomas

A complete rebuild of Trentini stadium began in spring of 2021. The school will not have access until Aug. 1 2022.

Kaylyn Brittain, Opinion Editor

Four years of screaming crowds, bonding with teammates and creating a second family is close to coming to an end for some of our seniors. These past two years have been difficult with trying to get used to playing our home games at other schools’ fields

Practicing and playing at Wake Forest Middle School presented challenges for soccer and lacrosse players.

“There was just a lot of miscommunication sometimes with who’s driving who, or if we’re all going to take the bus. Also, a lot of times people might not be able to make it. So, it kinda just gets confusing,” Abbey Brooks said.

Going from crowds that have hundreds of people to two stands that are barely full is very disappointing to the players. They miss the times where they could hear people cheering from the stands. 

“Senior year is usually the most important year when it comes to football and fans there should know you by then, but since we aren’t on Trentini anymore, not as many people come out to watch,” Tre Stancil said. 

Cole Bradley feels the same, but finds an upside to all the road miles.

“Our team is frustrated that we can’t play at Trentini because none of us want to travel so much during the season, but as a team we are performing better because we get to bond more on the bus rides to games,” Bradley said. 

Since football season is the first to start, they were able to get used to traveling pretty quickly. For other sports such as lacrosse, soccer and cross country/track it is a little harder. Especially since their fields aren’t as nice as other schools’ football fields.

Reeves Palmer expressed one frustration with relocation.  

“Probably the fact that the Wake Forest Middle stadium is bad and there’s weeds growing everywhere so it’s hard to get ground balls,”  Palmer said. 

 Fans hope that the players still have the energy and excitement they would have if they were able to play on Trentini field. 

“Success has been the same but the morale is a little lower than normal,” Justin Yu said.