Skylar Kipp Qualifies For State Golf Match

Bryan Beck, Sports Editor

Somewhat new to the sport of golf, sophomore Sylar Kipp is already earning accolades.  Kipp took up the sport and started taking it seriously once she found out about the opportunities that golf has to offer. 

“When I was told I could get a scholarship for it,” Kipp said. 

Similar to other student athletes, the idea of a sport you enjoy paying for your college tuition drives them to success. 

In Kipp’s case she is just at the beginning. She recently competed in the regional match, which led her to qualify for states.

Kipp shot a 92 and placed 23rd overall all with a chance to advance. 

“At first I was in shock and I wasn’t expecting it at all but it was really exciting and a really good experience and I met a lot of people there,” Kipp said. 

There are many aspects of golf that come into play while competing. Golfers are allowed to carry 14 clubs in their bag which all serve a different purpose. Although every player has their strengths, they must also work to improve their weaknesses, just like any other sport.

“Definitely my driving. I hit really far right, and I stink at putting,” Kipp said.

Along with the different clubs for different uses, the course plays a big part in her game. Little imperfections or a wrong reading of the course can throw off the whole game. 

Just like every golfer, Kipp also has a favorite course. 

“I really like Heritage. I just think it’s a really pretty course and so is Wakefield,” Kipp said. 

Having achieved the milestone of being a state qualifier, Kipp hopes for other accomplishments to come along as well. 

“I’m hoping for a scholarship and the big dream is to go professional, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen,” Kipp said.