Trentini Stadium Renovations Advance


Sydney Howard, Editor in Chief

In March 2020, the restoration of the beloved Trentini stadium commenced. Since then, quite a bit of progress has been taking place.  Trentini stadium used to be known as the Original Groves Stadium, originating from Wake Forest University. 

Although it is going well so far, not everything has been running smoothly with the stadium’s refinement. 

“It is progressing nicely, but it is about a month behind due to weather,” Athletic Director and baseball coach Michael Joyner said. 

In efforts to revamp the stadium’s amenities, the upgrades include: “new concrete, new seats, a new track and lights,” Joyner said. However, there will be about 400 seats lost.

Even with the new refinements, not everything is being renovated. 

“I would have liked to have seen artificial turf installed rather than natural grass,” Joyner said. 

However, when all is said and done, the stadium will be improved and the history will forever remain.