Athletes Conclude Their Final Fall Season

Cross country, golf and gymnastics seniors reflect on what athletics meant to them


Meredith Atkins, Staff Reporter

After being a part of the Cougar family throughout their sporting career, these senior athletes have several takeaways from their experience.

In her four years of being a part of the cross country (XC) team, Olivia Fischlein set goals she didn’t know were possible and then exceeded them throughout her career.

“I made it to states for the 800 meters, and I wasn’t supposed to based on my placement before the regional meet,” Fischlein said. 

Not only did golfer Megan Brantly work hard to better herself, but she also worked hard to motivate her teammates. 

¨I was proud to show good sportsmanship and respect for other schools and teammates and spread positivity and encouragement,¨ Brantley said.

Aside from her athletic accomplishments, senior Parker Bowman made memories with her teammates that she will cherish forever. 

“I would say it was whenever after a match we would go get ice cream on the bus. One of the girls brought ice cream back on the bus, tripped and fell, and ice creamed up everywhere. It was like a four-stack ice cream cone, and she was walking up the steps and fell. Yeah, our coach was not too happy; it was predominately doing stuff after matches, getting ice cream, getting snowballs, all that kind of stuff,”  Bowman said. 

Being on varsity for two years, seniors Anja Kristoffersen and Lia Stokes have developed wisdom on being successful throughout their time as cougar athletes. 

“I think the best advice I can give is to commit yourself to workouts and take it seriously. Listen to the coaches and follow what they recommend,¨ Stokes said

Kristoffersen also offered similar advice. 

¨Pretty much do summer workouts and keep up with training and communication with the teammates because running by yourself is not fun. If you’re with someone, it makes it a lot better.¨ 

Catarina Healy, who runs for the girls’ XC team, presented what a Cougar athlete meant to her. 

“Learning how to drive past my mental and physical limitations and learning how to be a part of a team,”  Healy said. 

While Anaya Richardson was able to accomplish many things through her gymnastics career, she did experience some regret and something she wishes she and her team could come together one last time. 

¨My one regret would be not competing in more events,¨ Richardson said.