New Coach Helms Girls’ Basketball Program

William Clinton coached at Rolesville High School for five years prior to joining the Cougars

Rebekah Helms, Editor in chief

History teacher William Clinton arrived at our school eager to transform the girls’ basketball team and spread his positive influence.

Clinton has plenty of experience in coaching basketball and driving his kids to success inside and outside the court. Before coming he to

Wake Forest, coached at Roseville for five years, and before that he coached at Holly Spring for five years.

While discussing his players, Clinton said, “I would hope that they would I say that I’m hardworking and that I’m dedicated to what I do, and that they learn that I’m a good teacher of the game. That they benefit from what I’m teaching them, and that I’m helping them grow as a person and a player.”

After coaching in the area for the past ten years, Clinton knows our school’s strengths and weaknesses.

“I think I’m battle tested,” Clinton said. “I know the conference, so I think just my mentality of being positive, being hard-working. All of those I bring to the table.”

Clinton decided to come here not only for a new opportunity but to help build a future at our school.

“This is my neighborhood. I would like to one day have the opportunity to teach or be around my kids or maybe even coach them, but this is my neighborhood, and I take pride in that,” Clinton said.

He has already begun making progress and working to achieve his goals for the team.

Getting in shape and also picking up skills that I think will be beneficial for our girls once the season comes around,” Clinton said.
Clinton likes basketball because it also helps his players improve their skills on and off the courts, but he also enjoys the sport for other reasons.

“I’ve had five girls in the past three years to go on and play at a college level, and I just love using basketball as a way to go to college and to have success at a high school level, but also using basketball as a means to help them grow,” Clinton said.

Clinton is keeping a positive mentality for his players and team this season, and hopes to improve them as a whole.

Clinton said, “Just a new beginning for me and for the program, too. We have a lot of young girls that have talent. I think there’s a lot of excitement for those girls, a new direction, new opportunities, everything new, fresh ideas coming in.”