WF and Heritage to Compete for New Trophy

Commissioner’s Cup awards school with the most wins in all sports between rival schools

Connor Kitson and Chris Steg

This year the rivalry between Wake Forest and Heritage will be stronger due to the Commissioner’s Cup. The Cup is a competition between the Cougars and Huskies to see which school is better at sports.

The Commissioner’s Cup will allow the school to build a stronger connection with students playing different sports.

“My feelings about the Commissioner’s Cup is that it’s a great way to have a competition between rivaling schools that is all inclusive of all sports at WFHS,” said cross country runner Nick Hottell.

Schools earn points for a victory and additional points if the team wins the conference.

Wake Forest and Heritage athletes may have a stronger desire to win now with the cup, although the Huskies and Cougar rivalry was already a strong one..

“It’s a good way for schools that are such a big rival to work harder in their sport and also to represent their school in a big way,” said softball player Alyssa Henault.

Soccer player Alexa Vidal agrees with Henault.

“My feelings about the Commissioner’s Cup is that it’s a smart way for the two big rival schools to compete in a competition to try and prove who is better. It pushes the two schools to try and win over the other,” Vidal said.

This newly installed cup may make these rivalry games more hard fought.

“This cup is good for competition for us competing against Heritage and it will make us try harder to win games,” said soccer player Chris Guccio.

Baseball player Isaac Williams also thinks the cup will add to the desire to win.

“I think that the Commissioner’s cup is a great thing for the athletic department. We have a rivalry between Heritage and this will enhance the stakes,” Williams said.