Senior Olivia John Selected as Athlete of the Week


Olivia John and coach Ivan Braszo listen on as a presenter at the Raleigh Sports Club introduces them.

Ella Bowman and Katelyn Hottell

The Raleigh Sports Club selected senior lacrosse player Olivia John as Athlete of the
Week, due to her outstanding performance in the classroom and on the field.

John has been on the varsity girls’ lacrosse team since she was a freshman. She worked
very hard from the beginning to make the school team.

“I knew coming in that she was going to be one of our better players even as a
freshman,” lacrosse coach Ivan Braszo said.

John shared how she felt about getting chosen for the honor.

“Oh, it was super cool. I’m really thankful,” John said. “I didn’t even know they nominated
me, but I really appreciate it. It was really awesome.”

John has been impacted greatly by her years on varsity. Braszo noted this change in the
way she plays.

“She plays with more confidence because of all the work she has put in and that she
knows what she is capable of.”

John carried away one special memory from the award ceremony.

“Definitely hearing coach Braszo kind of tell me he was proud of me because he is not a
very emotionally open person, so it was nice to hear a good job.”

John has plans for her future regarding playing lacrosse.

“I’m going to play at Florida Tech,” John said. “Then after, I’m planning on going to grad
school, so if I could be a grad assistant and coach at the school that I go to that would be

Many people in John’s life have motivated her to keep playing lacrosse.

“Definitely my dad, he was the one who got me into it. He played lacrosse growing up,
and he has also been my coach since I started, and up until now my parents both coach with Coach Braszo. So, definitely my dad and my mom.”

John is a very optimistic player; she makes sure all of her teammates are happy while
playing, Braszo says.

“She’s always positive. She always, y’know wants the best for teammates. She’s not
worried about who scores the goal: she just wants the team to succeed.”