Game Changer

In a school known for its football tradition, senior Caleb Faneuf found a different passion in Rugby


A desire to carry the ball led senior Caleb Faneuf to switch from football to rugby. His team won the state championship in 2018.

Hannah Briley , Staff Reporter

Seven years ago, senior Caleb Faneuf fell in love with rugby, a rough and tumble sport not offered at our school.
Faneuf has had the opportunity to meet new people through playing rugby.

“Playing a sport outside of school has helped me make connections to friends that I would’ve never known, but I wish we had a rugby team at Wake Forest. That would be sick,” Faneuf said.

He wasn’t always connected to rugby. Faneuf found his passion only after exploring other sports.

“I played football when I was little, but always wanted the chance to carry the ball, so I quit football and fell in love with rugby,” Faneuf said.

He names one person who has stood by his side through his rugby journey.

“My mom is definitely my main support system. She supports everything I’ve done when it comes to rugby,” Faneuf said. “The traveling, the losses and definitely the injuries, she’s been there for it all.”

Though his mom stands by his side, after a loss he also looks to others for support.

“Losing sucks, especially in a hard fought game. But at the end of the day, my teammates are like my brothers, and a loss can’t change that,” Faneuf said.

To get mentally and physically ready for a game, Faneuf follows this routine.

“I try to get hyped up before a game. If you come into a game calm, it’s easy to get caught flat footed. The easiest way for me to prepare is just to try and get angry,” Faneuf said.

His passion for the game has brought him to accomplishments that are unforgettable.

“My favorite memory is definitely winning the state championship last year. We went from one of the worst teams in the state to winning the championship in just one year,” Faneuf said.

As Faneuf looks to his future, he’s optimistic that he will continue playing the sport he loves.

“Hopefully I’ll play rugby in college. It’s something that has played a huge role in making me the person that I am, and I would love to play at the next level,” Faneuf said.

Faneuf reflects on how the skills he learned through playing rugby can be applied to aspects of life.

“Playing rugby has taught me that there’s going to be times in your life that you’re exhausted both physically and mentally, but it’s important to keep pushing,” Faneuf said. “Life’s not easy man. It’s not going to take a break because you’re tired.”