Stunt strives to make new records this season

Gabby Valentine, Staff Reporter

With the stunt season beginning, coach Blount takes time to reflect on the past season.

Finishing last in conference with an 0-12 record, Blount plans on improving their record by working on boosting their skill set.

“There were areas where we lacked the talent, so definitely want to focus on that and basically try to win more matches,” Blount said.

Coming into the new season with 12 new players on varsity and seven returning, the team plans to come in with a fresh start and perform better than the prior season.

Blount said, “We are definitely going to be better than last. I think we’ll win more games because the program is building, so were just looking forward to some wins.”

The team opens the season with a scrimmage Mar. 21 at Millbrook.