Sudipo’s tireless performance earns him MVP honors

Taylor Roth, Business Editor

Senior QB, WR and DB Mateo Sudipo wraps up his high school football career with a four year perfect winning streak and three state championship title rings.

Since a young age, Sudipo has been playing football. The beginning of his career was influenced by his admiration for a peer.

“When I was in third grade, my friend Evan was a grade older than me, and I looked up to him, and he played a lot of football, and he really got me into football,” Sudipo said.

Throughout years of building skills and knowledge, Sudipo has had the opportunity to play both offense and defense.

“It’s amazing because growing up that’s what I did and just felt normal, but nowadays it’s a huge deal and feels like a really cool accomplishment,” Sudipo said.

Halfway through the season he was made starting QB, but there was a period of adjustment.

At first Sudipo struggled with, “Finding the right spot to put the ball because I haven’t thrown in a few years. Especially in big games it was difficult, but I got through it and succeeded.”

Switching between both offense and defense, when given a choice, Sudipo chooses his skills on defense over offense.

“I like playing receiver personally, but at defense I can do really well. My coach prefers defense for me, and I will as well to make it farther in life,” Sudipo said.

Looking back on the 2018 season, Sudipo wishes he did one thing different.

“Just playing better in the state game. That’s all for myself personally,” Sudipo said.

Many challenges were thrown at the Sudipo as QB during the season, but his biggest challenge to overcome was playing against Vance’s strong defense.

“They were everywhere. They swarmed the ball, had really good coverage and were very physical and big. They were fast, very fast,” Sudipo said.

Looking back at his performance at the state championship game, Sudipo recalls his favorite moments of the game.

“Playing defense against Vance on the inches from 99 yards from their touchdown. It was third down, and we could get a safety to get ahead in the game, and it’s exactly what we did because we caught it,” Sudipo recalls. “It was a great moment because I was right behind the QB when he dropped the ball. I felt like after that we won the game.”

Following the third consecutive state championship win, Sudipo was given the title of MVP for his performance in the game.

“It meant the world honestly because at the beginning of the season that was my goal. No one believed I could do it, but I felt like I could, and I just put in hard work and got it done, and it felt amazing,” Sudipo said.

After high school, Sudipo plans on attending Coastal Carolina University to continue his education and build football skills as well.

“Hopefully, after these next four years just working hard and staying on the right track and make it to my dream of going to the league and going to a great four year college and making the best out of it,” Sudipo said.

Sudipo has advice for underclassmen who will hopefully one day fill his shoes on the varsity team.

“Work as hard as you can every spring and do every workout the coaches tell you to do and stay focused because everybody has the opportunity, but so many people take it for granted and only a few make it far,” Sudipo said.

Football is a physical sport as well as a mental sport. Walking away from his senior season, Sudipo reflects on lessons the sport has taught him over the years.

Sudipo said, “Take actions of your consequences and do what you have to do. Listen and give it your all because at the end of the day everything isn’t guaranteed.”