Kenion boost passing game

WR totals 834 receiving yards and 15 TDs


Carley Parrish, Staff Reporter

A few weeks before the school year started, 18 year-old Traevon Kenion received shocking news. After spending the whole summer practicing with cross-town rivals, the Heritage Huskies, he was informed that there wasn’t a spot for him to attend.

Once Heritage reaches its maximum population, all remaining students shift to Wake Forest. Because of this, the familiar environment Kenion grew accustomed to was replaced with foreign surroundings.

“I feel like I was disappointed because I was practicing with them for so long, and getting to know them, because I thought that was where I would be at,” Kenion said. “Then being told ‘no, you’re not going there’ and that I’d be going to a school where I didn’t know anybody.”

Kenion, having transferred from Murrow High School in Charlotte, underwent a shift in his football career.

“My old school was a 2A school, so going to a 4AA is a big change,” Kenion said. “The coaches are really strict here.

At other schools it’s not like that. I feel like they’re not as disciplined as we are.”

Throughout his entire football experience thus far, Kenion has relied on two major supporters in his life.

“I’d say my mom and my dad. Without my dad, I would not be here because we would just go outside and throw hundreds of catches. I talk to them about football every day. I love them for it. They say I don’t give them their props, but they’re the reason how I am,” Kenion said.

His teammate, senior quarterback Mateo Sudipo, believes Kenion’s presence has made an impact on the team.

“We are a lot deeper in positions with receivers. He helps also because he’s a really big target, so he’s really easy to find,” Sudipo said.

As well as being an asset to the team, Kenion is also a constructive influence on his teammates.

“He’s a pretty positive guy. He is funny and light-hearted,” senior quarterback Seth Hillman said. “He knows how to goof around, but he also knows when it’s time to work.”

Reggie Lucas, head coach thinks that Kenion has brought many skills.

“Kenion’s biggest strengths are his size, athleticism and great attitude. Kenion doesn’t have many weaknesses,” Lucas said.

Offensive Coordinator Hancel Phipps has high hopes for Kenion in his time following Cougar football.

“I think that Trae has a bright future ahead of him, both as a football player and as a young man who will be successful in anything he chooses to do in life,” Phipps said.

Kenion, who graduted early in December, plans to attend The University of South Carolina.

“I had 19 offers. My top five were Louisville, NC State, South Carolina, UNC and Kansas,” Kenion said. “South Carolina was the best bit fit for me. When I got on campus, I loved it there. I love the coaches and everything.”

Kenion’s end game, however, is the make it in the big league.

Kenion said, “If I do what I need to do, hopefully I can leave my junior year of college. My plan is to go to the NFL.”