Girls’ varsity basketball still looking for their rhythm

Team begins second round of conference play looking for improved offense


Staff Reporter, Catherine Vivongsy

The girls’ varsity basketball team is focused on improving after early results from this season are not in their favor. Though they’re making progress, the team agrees that there is much to be worked on.

“The season hasn’t been the best so far,” sophomore Amelia Lester said. “We haven’t won that many games, but I think we’re starting to get it together now. And, we’re not losing by as much now.”

Through Jan. 29 action 3-12 overall.

For better results, the players and coach Pat Surles aim to improve both sides of their gameplay on the court.

“Defense and definitely working on our offensive seats.” Surles said.

Senior guard Presley Ayers agrees.

“I would like to see us improve offensively,” Ayers said.

Their collaboration and communication as a team has a direct impact on their gameplay  on the court.

“I really want us to execute games and play together,” Lester said. “Sometimes, it doesn’t work in the end if we don’t.”

Despite their weaknesses, the team excels with mobility across the court.

“We as a team have really big advantages in ball movement,” Lester said. “Even though we sometimes don’t make smart passes, we still can move the defense around very well.”

Surles looks past these difficulties and onward to upcoming conference games with a determined mindset.

“My expectations are that we compete in every game, that we play solid defense and that we play hard, we play smart, and we play together.” Surles said.