Girls’ golf team reflects on season success


Joshua Short, Managing Editor

The girls’ golf team finished second in the conference, and five players qualified for regionals, one of which also qualified for states.

“We were in a chance, coming into the last match, to win the conference,” coach Jeremiah Mattingly said. “So, we performed at what, I thought, would be our highest expectation: being in it to win the conference championship and in a position where second place was already locked up.”

Sophomore M.K. Hederick shot a hole in one in her last conference match while sophomore Catherine Vivongsy posted the second lowest stroke average for the season in the conference.

Overall, Mattingly was impressed with the team’s performances.

“We had a lot of good players, and only five could play in matches. So, I think the most impressive part was how, in the long run, they handled that competition, how they worked hard and how they pushed each other, and they did it in a pretty jovial way,” Mattingly said.

Although taking second place, the Cougars could boast four all-conference players, the most in the NAC-VI.

Yet, Mattingly also recognizes room for development.

“I think we can improve our mental strength next year, so that one bad hole or one setback is not a devastating thing, and we can overcome it,” Mattingly said.

Catherine Vivongsy placed fifth in the regional match with a score of 87, just eight higher than first place, qualifying her for the Oct. 22-23 state finals.

Making it to states was one her goals from the start of the season. For her, it was very exciting to qualify. Vivongsy finished in a tie at 58th at states.

Vivongsy said, “I just wanted to focus hole by hole and not so much score wise because I knew if I didn’t pressure myself I’d just carry throughout.”