Davis completes four-year tennis career


Riley Saunooke, Staff Reporter

Senior Rachel Davis finished her high school career with four years on the tennis team under her belt.

For all of high school, Davis has been a key player on the girls’ varsity tennis team. Most of her experience can be credited towards the years that she’s been a part of the sport before high school started.

“I’ve been playing tennis for seven years. I’ve been playing on the team for four years,” Davis said.

To Lesh, Davis has been an important component to the tennis program from the start.

“Rachel is number two player on the team, and it is tough to have a good team,” Lesh said. “She won a lot of matches that put us in a good place to win our competitions and has been a solid player for four years.”

Over time, Davis has grown in a spiritual and healthy level with herself and with her teammates.

“I think I’ve become more humble, and I’m definitely in better physical shape. I made so many good friends. These girls have been some of the best people I’ve ever met.” Davis said.

Davis plans to shift her focus to her education, still while incorporating tennis in her life.

“I hope to attend ECU. I’ll just play for fun or casually,” Davis said.

Though not entirely what was expected, Davis has to come to terms with the tennis team’s round two exit from the post season.

“I was a little disappointed at first, but I’m glad we can finally call ourselves conference champs,” Davis said.

Davis gives praise to a special individual who helped her to grow in tennis and to the self-discipline that she possesses.

Davis said, “Well, I have to give most of the credit to my coach, Moses Akor, who has taught me for six years. But I give some credit to myself as well because I push myself to be the best, and I keep myself in good shape for competition.”