Cougar Medal winners

The athletic department honors fall athletes for exemplary achievement

Members of the girls’ golf team were honored with Cougar Medals for qualifying for regional match play in 2017. Carter Day (left) qualified for her second straight season. Also pictured are junior Elizabeth Hussey (center) and M. K. Hederick (right), who qualified as a freshman.

Kerrigan Zambrana, Assistant Sports Editor

The Cougar Medal honors athletes who excel in their sport complete an extraordinary achievement that brings honor to their programs and the school. The fall season recipients are…

Cross country state meet qualifying team girls

Tyler Bland, Reghan Flores, Natalie Mitchell, Sydney Quate, Anna Roman, Erin Spreen and Mary Ward.

Cross country state meet qualifying team boys

John Autry, Benjamin Brisard, M.J. Ellis, Benjamin Hayes, Jonathon Hughes, Cooper VanNess and Jack Tiffany


Regional qualifiers in golf.

Carter Day, M.K. Hederick, Lizzie Hussey