JV football stumbles early but rolls off win streak

Team captures NAC-VI conference title

Mikaela Keldsen, Staff Writer

Junior varsity football didn’t start off on the best foot, but they have worked their way up to a winning streak.

The first two losses of the season to Millbrook and Richmond Senior helped push the team to work their hardest and motivated them to pull together as one.

“Losing a game really just makes you want to work harder in practice and work with more intensity,” sophomore Maquel Haywood said.

After two undefeated seasons, the boys knew they had to re-discover their winning ways by challenging themselves each afternoon.

“During practice we work to our best ability and stay determined. Working hard helps us with our competition in games,” freshman Kahlil Watson said.

But it’s not just about being tougher and stronger. One has to respect his peers and his opponents.

“Good sportsmanship is important because it helps create bonds with your teammates. It also gives you discipline and motivates you to stay committed,” sophomore Jahaiden Hamilton said.

Sophomore Quarterback Cooper Marx felt the team had what it took to get back to championship caliber football.

“We have good coaches and staff, we have speed and size, we have everything we need to have a consistent and excelling team,” Marx said.

Coach Glendon Dillard had high hopes for this season and knew his team would return to form.

“Goals were in tact from week one. We have the opportunity to compete for the conference championship again, and that’s something we always shoot for,” Dillard said.

Dillard has an enormous impact on the team and their performance.

“In my opinion, our coach pushes us harder during a game. He influences us to come together and work as a team,” sophomore Frank Newhouse said.

This season they were faced with competing in a new conference, but two rivals, Wakefield and Heritage were old foes from the Cap-8.

“You always have challenges when you bring new teams in the mix: different venues, coaches and so on, especially after being in the same league for so long,” Dillard said.

Overall, the boys have accomplished a lot this season, including clinching another conference title.

“We started the season with two losses and worked our way up to a winning streak, ending out with winning conference champions,” Hamilton said.

With determination and persistence comes success.

Marx said, “As long as we are trying our best, we will have a good outcome in the end.”