Former basketball coach Larry Lindsey inducted into Hall of Fame


Nick Fekaris, Assistant Editor

Having coached basketball for 23 years and having served as Athletic Director for 20 of those, Larry Lindsey finds himself inducted into the first Wake Forest Hall of Fame.

According to Lindsey, being inducted into the first Hall of Fame “is a fantastic honor.”

Lindsey feels, though, that not all the credit belongs to him.

“It means a lot for my players. They are responsible for all that I accomplished in my time as head coach,” Lindsey said.

Even though Lindsey spent 23 seasons as the head basketball coach winning 6 state championships at WFR, he views all of them as equal.

“I try not to put labels on any of the 23 years I coached. All of it was a big honor. I know some teams had a better record, but it was still an honor to coach all of my players,” Lindsey said.

In fact, Lindsey claims this as his greatest achievement.

“Just coaching for 23 years and coaching those kids,” Lindsey said. “That was my proudest accomplishment.”

For Lindsey, the players he coached could all be described by one word.

“Gentlemen. They were all gentlemen,” Lindsey said.

Lindsey also felt it important that every player he coached worked with him, not against him.

“Good attitudes. They all had a good attitude. I’d put that at the top of my list,” Lindsey said.

Not all of his time at our school was spent coaching. For 20 years, Lindsey oversaw and managed all sports as the Athletic Director.

“AD is a totally different job than coaching,” Lindsey said. “You are in charge of all the sports. You have to do the best you can to keep them all even in terms of uniforms, equipment and stuff like that.”

Lindsey believes that he was not alone in undertaking this tremendous task.

“You have a lot of people helping. The coaches help, the teachers help, administration helps, the players help. I couldn’t do it without all that help. Even the student body helps,” Lindsey said.

Lindsey is incredibly thankful for all this help that he received.

“I don’t think I could have been AD without all that help,” Lindsey said.

Having spent so much time at our school, Lindsey is content in how it all turned out.

Lindsey said, “It kind of puts the icing on the cake. I lived the dream. I got to coach and stayed coaching until I retired.”