Football player Ron Hales inducted into Hall of Fame


Tyler Murray, News Editor

With the first class of Hall of Famers being inducted this year, Ron Hales, the four-year varsity, tri-sport athlete turned coach and athletic director, has given more to Wake Forest High School than can ever be repaid.

While at Wake Forest, Hales had some incredible accomplishments as a player, as well as discovering his desire to be a coach.

“I had the opportunity to participate in football, basketball and baseball at the varsity level for all four years,” Hales said. “I was fortunate enough to have some really great coaches, and they inspired me to continue my pursuit of one day becoming a high school coach.  I also had a chance to play with and against so many very talented athletes, and that also enhanced my desire to be able to coach on the high school level.”

Hales suggests that student athletes get involved as much as possible.

“My advice would be to play multiple sports if the opportunity presents itself, and to enjoy your high school career,” Hales said.

Hales’ desire to be a coach was fulfilled, with an assistant coaching job that would lay the groundwork his entire career.

“Football was always my favorite sport to play in high school. In 1981, Larry Lindsey, the athletic director, contacted me and offer me the opportunity to become an assistant football coach to Rock Harrison.  I was thrilled to be given this chance to return to my high school alma mater and begin my coaching career,” Hales said.

Not all of his decisions as a coach we’re made on the field, including perhaps is toughest one.

“The biggest decision that I had to make regarding my career at Wake Forest High School occurred in 1999.  Rock Harrison had to step down as the football coach following his diagnosis of a brain tumor, and I was offered the position of head coach of the varsity football team,” Hales said. “Rock Harrison was my best friend, and it was very difficult to continue coaching without him by my side.

Hales emphasizes his loyalty to the school as a major part of his career.

“My proudest accomplishment is that I was able to coach and teach my entire career at Wake Forest High.  I began teaching in the fall of 1981 and continued my career at WFHS until my retirement in June 2011.  It is now my privilege to be able to come back and support our school and its players and coaches,” Hales said.

With his entire career as Cougar, Hales is very thankful for the chance to be inducted into the first Hall of Fame class at Wake Forest.

Hales said, “I love Wake Forest High School: as a student, as an athlete, as a teacher and as a coach.  Being a part of the Wake Forest Hall of Fame is a dream come true.  It is very humbling that a group believes that I made significant contributions to WFHS and tried to make the school better.”